Live Ona 2040 Comprehensive Plan Project

Live Ona 2040, the update of Onalaska’s Comprehensive Plan, is moving forward. The Common Council approved the “Live Ona 2040 State of the City Report” on December 12, 2023. The Report is the culmination of Phase 1 of the Live Ona 2040 Comprehensive Plan process that began in summer 2023. Throughout the public engagement conducted during Phase 1, the City received feedback on the community’s interest in preserving Onalaska’s close-knit community feel, while at the same time responding to issues such as providing more housing opportunities, promoting additional development in Onalaska’s downtown, enhancing mobility options for City streets and sidewalks, and promoting arts and community recreation.

The goal of Phase 1 was to engage the community and a range of stakeholders to create a detailed base of information and an understanding of existing conditions. The information gathered during this phase determines project constraints, weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities, and establish a starting point for the next phases of the Comprehensive Plan.

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Click below to view the City's 2022-2023 Live Ona Community Survey Report of Results and the Live Ona 2040 State of the City Report!



For comments and questions, contact Katie Aspenson, Planning Director at (608) 781-9590.