The year 2023 is a maintenance assessment year for the City of Onalaska.  Properties whose assessment values will be reviewed in 2023 are:  New construction, demolitions, re-classifactions, annexations and properties who had sales in 2022.  Assessors will be reviewing market sales through January 1, 2023. Sales after the new year will not be used to determine your new value. 

The City of Onalaska performed a market revaluation in 2022. The last time Onalaska performed a revaluation of all property prior to 2022 was in 2019.  The City on average does a market revaluation every three (3) years. 

The state of Wisconsin is a Market Value state. This means property values are required to mirror the fair market value of comparable properties to ensure property owners are paying their fair share of taxes.

The fair market value of all property is calculated by reviewing arm’s length sales between a willing seller and a willing buyer on the open market. Assessors consider information from many sources to determine your assessment.

Assessors don’t set tax rates. 

To learn more about what assessors do, please watch the video:




Timeline for 2023 Board of Review:  

April 3rd - Notices mailed to property owners who had changes to their assessments (New construction, reclassifications, demolitions or sales)

April 3rd through May 3rd:  Open Book/Assessment Review Telephone Appointments Available at Assessment Roll Availability - Open Book Dates/Times

April 19th & April 20th: In-person appointments available with the assessor at Onalaska City Hall.  Please schedule appointment at Assessment Roll Availability - Open Book Dates/Times

May 10, 2023 - Board of Review Meeting from 10AM-12PM at Onalaska City Hall


Open Book /Assessment Review

Open Book/Assessment review is a conference, either face-to-face or over the phone, with an assessor to discuss the value of your property. You have until May 3, 2023 to contact the assessor about your new value.  You can set an appointment to talk with an assessor at your convenience.

The 2023 Preliminary Assessment Rolls will be posted when available.


Board of Review

Board of Review functions like court and is required to evaluate evidence based on facts. You or your representative must provide factual evidence that your property is inequitably assessed. The burden of proof is solely on the taxpayer. The assessor’s value is presumed correct by State Law until proven otherwise.



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