Business Assistance

Below is a list of Economic Development Programs that provide funding opportunities in La Crosse Country that are available to businesses in the City of Onalaska. 

     o   Participation Loan (through Mississippi River Regional Plan Commission) – Business Capital Fund designed to address gap in private 

          capital markets for long term fixed rate, low down payment, low interest financing.

     o   Micro Loan – for new working capital, equipment/supplies, real estate purchase, technology upgrades, etc.

     o   Have less than $1m in annual sales and max. of 25 employees

     o   Help expand and diversify product base and market base for small businesses (250 employees or less)

     o   Project specific with clearly defied outcomes

     o   $1,000 to $10,000 grant (100% cash match – at least 50% cash match from applicant and remaining could come from 3rd party)

     o   Acquire, clear and redevelop low-valued properties to construct higher-valued development with residential component

     o   Helps reduce cost gaps for neighborhood infill development

     o   End product work must create taxable housing units

     o   Up to $50,000 for single family and $100,000 for multi-family


Other programs available regionally and in the state of Wisconsin: