Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP)

Throughout 2022, the City of Onalaska Department of Parks and Recreation has been working with the assistance of ISG, Inc to update our  Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP). This plan will serve as a guide to influence park programming, budgeting, and planning for the next several years (2023-2028). The CORP aims to create an aspirational, yet implementable, path forward that prioritizes multi-benefit solutions, embraces inclusivity and diversity, anticipates future park and recreational needs, reduces ongoing maintenance, and leverages Onalaska’s character to create unique experiences for residents and visitors alike.


Onalaska's 2023 - 2028 Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP) was officially completed in November of 2022 and is now available for viewing. Visit or click the image below to view the CORP online, or download your own copy of the CORP by clicking the downloadable .pdf file at the bottom of this page.




Learn more about the latest CORP Plan process by visiting