About the Great River Landing 

Welcome to the Great River Landing on the Waterfront in Onalaska, Wisconsin



The Great River Landing is a special place to visit because of it's natural beauty, culture, recreational activities and Onalaska-friendly atmosphere.  It's a place that once you visit, you will always want to come back to.

Uniquely situated on Wisconsin's Great River Road, Onalaska's waterfront has an opportunity to influence the entire region due to the site's extraordinary features. It serves as the trail head for the Great River State Trail which connects 101 miles of state bicycle trails, and offers access to the 120-acre ecologically diverse Wittenberg Marsh, the Onalaska Spillway, the Black and Mississippi Rivers, and Lake Onalaska. Local businesses contribute to the authentic cultural experience by providing local cuisine and unique shopping experiences.  The Great River Road runs right through Great River Landing, providing a gateway for families wanting to explore the upper Mississippi Valley.