Guidelines for Filing a Parking Citation Appeal - Onalaska, WI

Please read the following information regarding filing an appeal of a parking citation.

Appeals are accepted within ten (10) days of the issuance of the citation.

The following examples are NOT valid reasons to appeal a parking citation:

  1. You are not familiar with State Statutes or Municipal Ordinances.
  2. The curb was not painted or marked – City of Onalaska has no statutory requirement to paint or mark curbs.
  3. You didn’t see and/or read posted signs. (Signs are posted at the entrance to the City on every highway and major street. Signs are not required to be on every street)
  4. You failed to remove and/or cancel license plates prior to selling a vehicle.
  5. You only meant to park for a short period of time (e.g.  parking in a loading zone/no parking zone).
  6. The citation was missing from your vehicle (e.g.  citation was removed/blew off windshield/etc.).
  7. You failed to display a valid parking permit or Disabled Parking Identification (DISID) Card.
  8. There was a lack of legal and/or convenient parking spaces.
  9. You forgot about alternate side parking or you had time constraints (e.g.  your engagement took longer than anticipated).
  10. You didn’t receive notices due to incorrect/out-of-date address listing with Department of Transportation.
  11. You’re experiencing a lack of funds, the inability to pay, or other financial obligations.
  12. You lost or misplaced the original citation.
  13. It was not snowing, or there was no snow removal taking place the day you received your citation. 

If your reason for appeal does not fall under one of the above listed exemptions, you may file an appeal. If you file an appeal and the reason is covered above, your appeal will be denied. Once filed, your parking ticket will be put on hold pending appeal. It may take three (3) weeks to receive a response to an appeal and the response will be sent by mail. If you pay your parking ticket before your appeal is resolved, your appeal will be considered withdrawn. 

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