Redevelopment Planning Activities

In 2018, the Onalaska Community Development Authority (CDA) contracted with Hoisington Koegler Group inc. (HKGi) to undergo Redevelopment Planning activities in two areas of Onalaska: the State Road 16 Corridor and Onalaska's Downtown.  The purpose of the project was to guide potential future redevelopment opportunities and examine the current state of development in these areas.  The plans reviewed existing conditions focused on land use, zoning, transportation, and parks, trail and open spaces.  Next, HKGi completed a Redevelopment Scoring Model to evaluate properties in these areas for future development potential by reviewing age of structures, land value/square foot, total value/square foot, and building value to land value ratio. The end result was a Redevelopment Score noting where a property fell in terms of low to high development capacity on individual sites. The next portion of the plan comprises a detailed market study which reviews market areas, existing markets for retail/housing, and shows where future opportunities may exist in the market.  

Another important aspect of the redevelopment planning efforts, focused on obtaining stakeholder and community input.  In the State Road 16 Corridor, two rounds of stakeholder interviews with property owners took place in 2018; in addition to a 2019 Community Open House for general comments.  The public participation input proved valuable as the comments were used to form redevelopment options in both Redevelopment Planning documents.  It is important to note that the proposed options are not meant to prescribe redevelopment - rather demonstrate opportunities, highlight unique aspects of the areas, provide general guidelines for interested developers, and to provide sample developments that may work for redevelopment in Onalaska.  The plans end with implementation steps for the City, committees, and suggestions for improvement to the existing Zoning Ordinance and Comprehensive Plan to facilitate easier, more streamlined opportunities to foster redevelopment.

In March and April 2019, the Community Development Authority and Onalaska Common Council approved the following Redevelopment Plans for the City of Onalaska:

  • State Road 16 Corridor Redevelopment Study 2019
  • Downtown Onalaska Redevelopment Study 2019

Click on the links below to download copies of final planning documents.  If you are interested in redevelopment opportunities in the City of Onalaska, please contact Katie Aspenson, Planning Director via email or (608) 781-9590.