Junk Dealer License

Every person who conducts business as a Junk Dealer shall pay an annual license fee as set forth on the Onalaska fee schedule. 


Any person who buys, sells, collects, or delivers junk within the City as a business or employment within the City, but who is not an operator of a junkyard within the City or an employee of such an operator.


Any ferrous scrap, nonferrous scrap, metal article, proprietary article, plastic bulk merchandise containers, synthetic or organic material, cloth, rags, clothing, paper, rubbish, bottles, rubber, furniture, inoperable motor vehicle parts, or other discarded articles.


Any person or business who stores, buys, or sells any junk and maintains a yard or building as a principal place of business, excluding persons whose business is principally the sale of used vehicles, or persons dealing in secondhand articles of personal property for resale that are subject to the provisions set forth in the City of Onalaska Code of Ordinances.  Junk Dealer - Code of Ordinances