Adult Summer Softball - 2024


 Co-Rec (5 on 5 on 5) League

Wednesday Nights, May 17 - July 31Team Fee: $175.00

A unique and exciting way to play the game of slow pitch softball. Each team only needs 5/6 players (at least 2 women). A game consists of three teams competing against each other in a five inning, 45 outs, game. Each team plays defense for two/thirds of an inning. All three teams rotate positions for one cycle (9 outs) to complete one inning. Once the batting team completes their turn at bat (with 3 outs), they assume the outfield team and then the outfield team goes to infield, and the infield team goes to bat. The winning team is the team that scores the most runs after 5 innings.


Men's League: 

Thursday Nights, May 9 - Aug. 1 or 8, Team Fee: $325.00