Minors - (Under 16 years of Age)

If you are under the age of 16 the date you intend to start with the City of Onalaska, you will be required to obtain a Work Permit from your High School Counselor.  This is also required before you can work.  If you do not have this on your first day of employment you will be sent home until we received this paperwork.  

The items required to bring with you to the High School Counselor include:

  1. Letter from City indicating you will be working for us
  2. Letter from your parents indicating you may work for the City
  3. Birth Certificate and Social Security Card
  4. Photo ID (Driver's License or school ID)
  5. $10.00 (reimbursed by the City after we receive the work permit)

Once the City of Onalaska receives your work permit you will be reimbursed for the cost of obtaining the work permit.  

Note:  If you are a student who has been home schooled you can go to any local High School Counselor and have them complete the Work Permit form. The items 1-5 above are necessary for you as well. Contact them to verify what type of photo ID they may need from you.