Newly Enacted Ordinances



Ordinance 1785-2024 To Amend Section 5.03.12.B.5.d of Title 5 Related to Onalaska Fire Inspections
Ordinance 1786-2024 To Amend Section 12.02.31 of Title 12 Relating to Chronic Nuisances
Ordinance 1787-2024 To Amend Section 12.01.22.A of Title 12 Related to Vegetation and Landscaping
Ordinance 1788-2024 To Amend Division 2 of Chapter 7 of Title 7 Relating to Open Burning and Recreational Fire Regulations
Ordinance 1789-2024 To Amend Section 10.05.21.A of Title 10 Related to Annual Golf Cart Registration