Parking Citation

To Pay a Parking Citation

Parking citations may be paid in person at the Onalaska City Treasurer's Office during normal business hours. Payments of check or money order may also be dropped in the supplied drop box. *City of Onalaska parking tickets are to be paid in the Onalaska City Treasurer's Office.


To pay parking citations online, please click here.  


To Contest a Parking Citation

Please click this the link below

  Parking Citation Appeal


Unpaid Parking Citations

A parking citation forfeiture will increase by $10.00 after 10 days from the date of issuance. After 25 days the citation forfeiture will increase again. Failing to pay a parking citation will result in the suspension of the registration of the violating vehicle as well as bar the violating vehicle's owner from registering or re-registering any vehicle in his or her name.

After the citation suspending your registration has been paid at the issuing Police Department, no further action is required. The issuing Police Department will notify the Department of Motor Vehicles to release the suspension, it will take up to five (5) working days to clear the Department of Transportation records.

*ALTERNATE SIDE PARKING (ORDINANCE # 10.01.31.E) IN THE CITY OF ONALASKA RUNS FROM DECEMBER 1st THROUGH MARCH 15th.  The fine for alternate side parking is $15.00.  After 10 days of non-payment the fine will increase to $25.00.  After 25 days of non-payment the fine increases to $35.00.