Building Inspections

Residential Projects:

An Online Building Permit Application is required if you are constructing a new 1 & 2 family dwelling or manufactured home per Wisconsin Act 211. This permit is not needed for any other construction project in the City of Onalaska. The City will only accept permits for new 1 & 2 family dwellings and new manufactured homes after the builder (or owner) completed the State online permit. The owner, builder, or agents shall complete the application form and the Online Building Permit System will route it to the enforcing jurisdiction (Onalaska). Permit application data is used for statewide statistics on new one and two family dwellings. The Online Building Permit System for NEW 1 & 2 family dwelling or manufactured home is available at: eSLA - Online Building Permit System

Manufactured Home Installers must have both a Dwelling Contractor license (DC) and a Manufactured Home Installer license (MHI). The Manufactured Home Installer license substitutes for the Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification (DCQ).

One and Two Family Dwelling Builders must have both a Dwelling Contractor license (DC) and a Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification (DCQ).

After completion of the online form you may submit that printed form and the other paperwork from the City's packet along with your plans and any other required information to the Onalaska Inspection Department for permit review. 

The City of Onalaska contracts with General Engineering Co. (GEC) for 1 & 2 family dwelling inspections and permit reviews. Once your residential project is permitted by the City you can contact them to schedule inspections at: (608) 697-8007

Commercial Projects:

The City of Onalaska is a delegated authority for Building Plan reviews of all sized Commercial Buildings. The City contracted with E-Plan Exam to provide commercial plan review at no additional cost and reviews are completed within 15 business days.

Submit to E-Plan Exam: E-Plan Exam - Submit a Project

Alternatively, submissions may still be reviewed by DSPS at:


Building Permit Applications:

Use the links below to download Onalaska Inspection Building Permit applications, as well as common additional permits needed for a new project in Onalaska. Contact the Inspection Department for a full list of required applications on a project basis.