Miscellaneous Permits, Fees & Information

The Inspection Department inspects buildings, plumbing, heating and ventilation, air conditioning and electrical work on commercial and residential buildings and assists the Engineering Department with permit issuance for street openings, driveway approaches, public sidewalks, dumpsters and containers located in a public right-of-way (streets and boulevards).

Engineering Department Fees

  • Street Opening Permits (With Permission from Public Works):
         Street Opening Fee $50.00 plus, 
         Street Opening Inspection Fee $95.00 plus,
         Underground Utility Installation Fee $0.10/Foot after First 100'
  • Sidewalk Permit: $50.00 per stretch
  • Driveway Approaches Permit: $50.00 per opening
  • Dumpster Permit (If placed within City Right-of-Way): $40.00
  • Street Privilege: $40.00

Please contact the Engineering Department for permission and inspection of sidewalks, driveways and any questions concerning the public right-of-way.