Contesting a Citation

Entering a Not-Guilty Plea 

Defendants who wish to contest their citation can do so by entering a not guilty plea HERE or by completing and submitting a plea form in the drop box in the Clerk's office. Defendant's may also come to their initial appearance and enter a written plea form at that time.  Defendants will then be contacted by the municipal attorney to discuss their case and may be set for a pre-trial conference. At this meeting, each defendant will have an opportunity to discuss his or her case with the Municipal Attorney. The purpose of this meeting is to try to settle the case prior to trial. Any defendant who fails to appear for a mandatory pre-trial conference will be found guilty by default judgment. 



If you are found guilty at trial, you have the right to appeal your case to the La Crosse County Circuit Court. All appeals must be in writing and filed with the Municipal Court Clerk within twenty (20) days after a Guilty finding is entered. Appeal request forms, instructions, and fee requirements are given after each trial. If you fail to meet this time limit, you lose your right to appeal. The Judge can not extend the time period for filing.