Failure to pay a forfeiture as scheduled will result in one or more of the following

  • Suspension of driver's license for a period of  one (1) year or until paid. 
  • Arrest Warrant for the entire balance due on the citation.
  • Certification of entire debt with the Department of Revenue's Tax Refund Intercept Program. 
  • Certification of debt with Department of Revenue's State Debt Collection Initiative - Collection Agency.
  • The Court has discretion of the consequence(s) imposed.


Suspended License

To reinstate a suspended driver's license, defendant must pay the outstanding forfeiture either online by clicking here or at the Onalaska City Treasurer's Office. After payment is processed, pursuant to 800.095(1)(a)(1), Wis. Stats., the Court has seven (7) days to report the suspension as being paid. However, the defendant is usually able to reinstate within 2-3 business days. 



Arrest Warrant & Incarceration in the La Crosse County Jail

A Poverty/Good Cause Hearing will be held on your behalf.  At this hearing you will have the opportunity to prove your indigence or give good cause as to why you have not paid your citation.  If the Judge agrees you meet the poverty requirements or have proven good cause, a new payment plan will be set up.  If you fail to appear, to prove your indigence or that you had good cause, a Commitment Warrant for your immediate arrest will be issued.  You will be housed at the La Crosse County Jail until you pay the outstanding amount due or have served the required amount of time to satisfy the debt.  Debt satisfaction is set at $50.00 credit per day served in jail.

When a Warrant for Commitment  has been issued, it can only be cancelled by serving the allotted number of days in jail or paying the fine in full.  To pay the fine without going to jail, you may pay online by clicking here  or in person at the Onalaska City Treasurer's Office, and take the receipt to the Court Clerk's Office for processing.


Tax Intercept Refund Program

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue's (DOR) Tax Refund Intercept Program (TRIP) is an avenue available to Courts to collect fines, forfeitures and restitution.  The Court will certify the outstanding debt with the DOR, whereby your Wisconsin State Tax Refund will be sent directly to the certifying Court until the amount certified has been paid in full.


WI Department of Revenue's State Debt Collection Initiative - Collection Agency

Certifying an outstanding debt with a collection agency is another collection tool available to Municipal Courts to attempt to collect on outstanding forfeitures.  The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) has been granted the authority by legislature to act as the collection agency for debts owed to state, county, or local government agencies.  This Court will certify the unpaid forfeiture debt with the DOR.  Once the debt has been certified, collection action may include one or all of the following, some of which result in additional fees being added to your account:

-Interception of your Wisconsin tax refunds
-Attachment of wages or other compensation being paid to  you
-Garnishment, seizure or levy against your property, including bank accounts and IRAs
-Filing a delinquent tax warrant with the Clerk of Courts in the county in which you reside and/or own property.  This warrant will act as judgment and lien on any real and personal property that you own and may affect your credit rating.



Is the letter I received from the Department of Revenue's State Debt Collection Agency legitimate or is this a scam?

It is not a scam.  Per Section 800.095(5) of the Wisconsin Statutes, the Municipal Court may employ a collection company to collect judgments under 755.21.


Will this affect my credit?

Possibly.  You will need to contact the Department of Revenue's collection agency directly in order to answer that question at (608) 266-7879.


If my debt has been certified, do I still send my payments to the Court?

No, once a debt has been certified with the State Debt Collection Initiative, all payments and collection fees need to be mailed to their office directly at:

PO BOX 8901
MADISON, WI 53708-8901


How do I find out how much certified debt I have left to pay?

You can call (608) 266-7879 or email delnqtax@revenue.wi.gov.


Can I set up a payment plan?

Once your debt has been certified with the DOR, this Court will no longer negotiate the balance due.  If  you wish to discuss a payment plan, you must contact the State Debt Collection Agency directly at (608) 266-7879 or by email at delnqtax@revenue.wi.gov.