Property Maintenance & Vacant Buildings

Property Maintenance Program:

The City of Onalaska has an active Property Maintenance Program to assist in the prevention of the continuation, extension, and aggravation of blight in Onalaska. Property owners are required to maintain their homes, structures and property in compliance with the Property Maintenance Code. 


Common Property Maintenance Concerns:

  • Vegetation (trees over sidewalks, long grass, etc.)
  • Outdoor Storage of Items;
  • Garbage Issues; or
  • Vehicle-Related.


If you have a concern regarding a property in Onalaska, please contact Jennifer Smith-O'Brien, Planning Associate at (608) 781-9590 to request an inspection. The City will keep the identity of all complainants confidential unless ordered by a court or required by law.


Vacant Buildings Program:

The City of Onalaska created the Vacant Buildings Program to facilitate the identification and inspection of vacant buildings to preserve the public health, safety, and prevent property maintenance issues, public and private nuisances and potential fire hazards. 
Owners of vacant building(s) are required to keep the building weathertight, secure from trespassers and safe for entry by law enforcement officers and firefighters if needed. Owners are also responsible to ensure that properties are maintained year-round including lawn mowing and snow shoveling activities.
Lastly, owners of vacant buildings are asked to fill out a Vacant Building Registration and provide this form to the Planning Department in the event of an emergency or complaint. See below links to the Vacant Building Code and the Vacant Building Permit. For questions, please contact Jennifer Smith-O'Brien, Planning Associate at (608) 781-9590.