Mayoral Proclamation Guidelines

Mayor Kim Smith issues proclamations in the City of Onalaska pursuant to the following guidelines:


Individual recipients must currently or have previously resided in, or been involved with, the City of Onalaska.

Organizational recipients must be located in or have made a substantial contribution to the City or have a substantial number of Onalaska resident members or employees.


The Mayor reserves the right to issue or not issue a proclamation for any reason or any occasion; however, the Mayor will typically issue a proclamation for:

  • Cultural, social or historic event with significance to the City of Onalaska
  • Extraordinary achievements by a community member or organization
  • Significant contributions to the City of Onalaska by a community member or organization
  • Organizational milestone anniversaries of 10 years or more
  • Retirement of an individual who has made a significant contribution either to the City of Onalaska or to a nonprofit, religious or community organization
  • Milestone birthdays of 75 years or more
  • Lifetime recognition of people with terminal illnesses
  • Posthumous recognition

Form of Proclamation.

Original signed proclamations will be provided to the requesting party. With adequate time, a proclamation will be mailed; otherwise, the requesting party must pick-up the proclamation at City Hall. On some occasions, at the Mayor’s discretion, the Mayor may read the proclamation at the event or during a monthly Common Council meeting.


A request for a proclamation must be submitted in writing and received at City Hall at least three weeks in advance of the applicable date. The Mayor may waive the three-week requirement (e.g., if the recipient is in grave physical condition). The request should include:

  • Background information about the person or organization, suggested wording (although the Mayor will put it in her preferred wording) and event details
  • Date to be proclaimed
  • Date proclamation is needed
  • Contact person

Send requests:

By email:

Mayor Smith  with a copy to City Clerk

Subject: Proclamation Request


By mail:

City of Onalaska
Attn: Mayor’s Office/Proclamations
415 Main Street
Onalaska, Wisconsin 54650