Solicitor's Permit

Solicitor’s Permit

Any person selling non-food products door-to-door to the citizens of the City of Onalaska must obtain a solicitor’s permit and go through the proper background check.  This process usually takes 3-5 business days. 

            Solicitor’s Permit                                      $45 for first individual

                                                                          $25 for each additional individual 

Listed below are PROHIBITED PRACTICES for solicitors pursuant to City of Onalaska Ordinance 7.03.34.A.

1.  Direct sellers are prohibited from: 

  1. Calling at any dwelling or other place between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. except by appointment;
  2. Calling at any dwelling or other place where a sign is displayed bearing the words "No Peddlers," "No Solicitors" or words of similar meaning;
  3. Calling at the rear door of any dwelling place; or
  4. Remaining on any premises after being asked to leave by the owner, occupant or other person having authority over such premises.

2.  A direct seller shall not misrepresent or make false, deceptive or misleading statements concerning the quality, quantity or character of any goods offered for sale, the purpose of their visit, their identity or the identity of the organization they represent. A charitable organization direct seller shall specifically disclose what portion of the sale price of goods being offered will actually be used for the charitable purpose for which the organization is soliciting. Said portion shall be expressed as a percentage of the sale price of the goods.

3.  No direct seller shall impede the free use of sidewalks and streets by pedestrians or vehicles. Where sales are made from vehicles, all traffic and parking regulations shall be observed. No direct seller shall be upon any street used as a parade route between the time of 1/2 hour immediately preceding the commencement of any scheduled parade until after the conclusion of any scheduled parade.

4.  No direct seller shall make any loud noises or use any sound amplifying device to attract customers if the noise produced is capable of being plainly heard outside a 100-foot radius of the source. 

5.  No direct seller shall allow rubbish or litter to accumulate in or around the area in which such direct seller is conducting business.

6.  Sales of any type of device that expels a projectile are prohibited.

7.  No direct seller shall engage in direct sales at a special event without permission of the organization holding the special event permit or, if no permit is needed, the organization sponsoring the special event.


1.  After the initial greeting and before any other statement is made to a prospective customer, a direct seller shall expressly disclose the seller's name, the name of the company or organization with which they are affiliated, if any, and the identity of the goods or services they offer for sale. The direct seller shall also carry their direct seller license on their person at all times when engaged in selling and display.